Dynamic AIS:
No AIS data gaps – In the past or the future

D-AIS™ is a world-first innovation from Spire Maritime. It is the new industry standard for global vessel tracking, delivering unprecedented data in the busiest shipping lanes and congested ports with no AIS data gaps.

Welcome to the South China Sea. Heavy traffic in this area has made it a challenge in the maritime industry for decades. AIS signals collide resulting in position detection failures and inaccurate reporting.

With limited satellite detection in this area. Dynamic AIS™ solves this challenge, providing detection of the full scope of traffic in the South China Sea and all other high traffic zones and busy shipping routes around the world.

Turn Dynamic AIS™ on:

Notice the massive increase in detections for this area. Unlike other satellite AIS providers, Spire Maritime combines three types of AIS collection (terrestrial, satellite, and Dynamic™) into one service delivering an unprecedented frequency of updates.

D-AIS™ data is available on subscription or as static historical data sets.

Satellite AIS Dynamic AIS™
+50%more reported positions in high-traffic zones
+60%more unique vessels in a typical high-traffic zone
+10Mmore messages
a day

D-AIS™ gives you a competitive advantage

Taking the guesswork out of decision making.

AIS data gaps in high traffic zones have been a challenge in the maritime industry for decades. These gaps impact ship safety, trading, revenue, and insurance claims. Dynamic AIS™ (D-AIS™) solves the growing data gap problem

Many of our customers who struggle with missing ships and data gaps in regions like South China and are reporting vast improvements since ingesting Dynamic AIS™!

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Unprecedented data

Unprecedented data volume in your daily feed

Three types of AIS collection

Satellite, Terrestrial and Dynamic™ AIS

+1500 Dynamic stations

throughout all major sea routes and high traffic zones

+140K MMSIs

messages/day (Class A&B)


The Dynamic Subscription

Dynamic AIS is available in both our API and TCP and is delivered with our satellite AIS data as part of a monthly subscription. D-AIS provides exceptional coverage in high traffic zones, busy ports and shipping lanes. The coverage is collected globally and reports ship positions every six minutes.


Learning from the past to build a better tomorrow

It is often said that we learn great lessons by looking at the past and that the past often directs us to what is possible in the future. Our historical data strengthens machine learning models and helps our customers make data-driven decisions for the future with confidence.

Why buy historical Dynamic AIS?

gapsIf your archives have gaps in problem regions like South China sea or English Channel
algorithmsIf you are looking to improve your algorithms with better history in order to predict the future
productIf you need accurate complete data to build a prototype or product concept

Get a sample

Our Vessels API extracted this sample of global positions reported over a 24-hour period.

"A huge improvement has been made with Spire Dynamic AIS™ , with visibility in South China Sea now over 200% since the introduction of Spire Maritime Dynamic AIS™"

Mr. Qinyou Hu, Shanghai Maritime University

"We immediately saw vast improvements when we integrated Dynamic AIS™ into our products."

Mads Andreasen, Oceanbolt


Overcoming Satellite Communication Obstacles in Maritime High Traffic Zones

How can coverage on busy maritime routes be improved and how can we solve the AIS data gap problem?

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